CEO of Digital Phoenix awards at WEBTOP


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17 Jan 2016

CHISINAU, Moldova – During the annual competition "WEBTOP" held in 2007, our CEO's website was awarded I place in the Education nomination. Altogether, 266 competitors participated in the 2007 edition of the WEBTOP competition.

In 2010, during the same contest, he was awarded I place in the Health and Sports nomination. The edition from 2010 had 271 participants registered in the competition.

The annual national websites contest WEBTOP was launched in 2001 and had 49 participants in 2 categories. The contest is promoting the use of the internet as a modern and effective means of communication, learning, presentation and promotion, as a space for doing business, expressing opinions, etc. International experts from USA, Germany, Romania and Russia award the winners with a diploma, presents on behalf of competition sponsors and financial bonuses. WEBTOP is organized by the The National Association of Private ICT Companies with support from the United Nations Development Program and Soros-Moldova Foundation.