Top 10 Web Development Trends in 2017
02 May 2017
02 May, 2017

Technology is constantly moving forward, and to stay at the top of your game as a web developer, you have no other option than to keep up. To save you the trouble of going through hundreds of articles and blog posts, we've composed this list of top 10 trends in web development for 2017. 


1. Using Artificial Intelligence for Web and App Development


Google and Wikipedia already successfully used AI in web development, and there is no doubt that in 2017 many others will follow. AI program called Molly allows amateurs to create some pretty great websites, so we can expect to see AI design gain traction during 2017. 


2. Internet of Things


Internet of Things is steadily moving the Internet frontier to the new territory - household appliances. Many developers are already working on the apps for remote control of cameras, doors, curtains, toasters, washing machines and any other household appliance you can think of. The possibilities are endless, so we expect to see much more IoT projects in 2017. 


3. Bots and Conversational UI


Bots are already making our life easier and more enjoyable than before. Web sites with conversational interfaces are starting to pop up as well. In 2017, we expect to see more of chatbots and other 'conversation first' websites.


4. JavaScript Evolution 


If you're wondering which new programming language you should learn, maybe the information below will help. According to Stack Overflow, 85.3 percent of the surveyed developers said JavaScript would be most popular language in 2017. Learning JavaScript isn't an easy task, but it opens many doors, and that's the only thing that matters. 


5. Static Site Generators


Static site generators are a nice way to create websites. Databases are no longer needed; web pages are simple files that run directly on your server.  Website loading time is better than ever, security is greatly improved, and it's easy to deploy. 


6. Ruby on Rails


Ruby on Rails 5 was released in mid-2016, but its popularity is about to skyrocket in 2017. With performance enhancements and improved aesthetic flexibility, the framework gives developers a lot of freedom to express their creativity. 


7. Motion UI


The latest version of Motion UI works with flexible CSS patterns, animation queuing system and JavaScript animation libraries to bring a whole new dimension to websites. Animations, videos, and GIFs are going to put our lives in motion in 2017. 


8. Responsive Design


Mobile first is the motto of many developers around the world. Responsive design has become a must-have, so we expect this trend to continue in 2017. Ensuring comfortable use on portable platforms won't go out of style anytime soon. 


9. Next-gen Angular JS


In 2016, the Angular update has presented a new JavaScript Framework. Frequent updates and tweaks are expected, with one major update every six months. This will offer never-ending abilities to web developers and make the latest web-building tech more accessible than ever. 


10. Parallax Effects 


Parallax effect is one of the best ways to add an extra dimension to any website. Gorgeous 3D effects are guaranteed to see more common use in 2017. 




Web development in 2017 is all about improving UI and UX. Making user-friendly, practical and beautiful websites is an art, and it might not always be easy, but it surely can be rewarding. 


What are the best web development trends in 2017 according to you? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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