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Arabestates is a real estates platform for everybody. It is an entirely innovative estate platform, pairing the industry’s top talent with technology to make the search and sell experience intelligent and seamless.
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Client's Need

Arabestates is a real estates platform for everybody. Mainly we distinguish individuals who can buy or rent properties and even reverse-offer their properties. Users have the possibility to request a loan, using the list of Financial institutions available. Companies can post their properties and feature or boost them in the search results. Another option for users is hiring photographers to photoshoot their properties. Banks, Appraisal Companies, and Photographers can register and create their profiles in order to get listed and featured on

Our Process

The target was to get a stable and defined version ASAP. Thus said several team members were responsible for specific components which were connected, in the end, like a puzzle, creating a single picture. The team planned and discussed how each element is going to be built, including optimization and performance points. We used Drupal 7 framework with Jquery and SCSS on top of it and, of course, Apache Solr for a very fast search.

Key Features
  • Ability to post properties
  • Create properties
  • Quick search properties
  • Visualize properties on the map.
  • Search properties using the map.
  • Retrieve nearby places.
  • Autosuggest properties by GEOIP.
  • Fully responsive product across devices.
  • Financial support
  • Photography services
Final Result

In a period of 3 months, our Digital Phoenix team was able to start from scratch and launch the rental platform with a set of basic features which could gain traction and potential customers. The platform is adapted for tablets, desktop and mobile devices. It is accessible in three languages: English, Arabic and French. We took into consideration such details as RTL (right to left) for Arabic language layout and element's positioning. The project also contains nifty features that tell the user where are the properties located on the map, allowing map drag&drop properties search in a visual mode while displaying nearby places in a range of 1-7 km such as schools, universities, restaurants, etc.

Torki Bo Faisal

Founder at Arabestates

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