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Jobularity is bringing hiring into the “social age” through an engaging and integrative recruitment platform. It enables companies and job seekers to connect in a more meaningful way. At the end of the day, both job seekers and candidates are never kept in the dark during the entire hiring process.
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Client's Need

Jobularity is a platform that enables companies and job seekers to connect in a more meaningful way. The company's social recruiting platform connects people and businesses based on the alignment of passion, vision, and mission. Instead of formulaic cut and pasted resumes and job descriptions, the company is making the search more personal by offering innovative tools to both recruiters and job seekers. Among them are features such as video, targeted and meaningful references and comprehensive dashboards – that minimize the cost of locating and hiring the right employees, while ensuring the right fit and a lasting relationship between job seeker and employer.

Our Process

As a startup based product, this was a very challenging, but at the same time, a self-motivating project that we developed. It was an iterative process of gathering feedback and insights, making decisions and adjusting to the client's needs, in order to better define the product. We had to keep a deductive thinking of how all the puzzle pieces will connect in one single picture, because every small change impacts, in some way, the end-user. We applied top-notch technologies such as Symfony, AngularJS and Amazon Web Services. Using REST API approach give us the perfect flexibility to integrate the platform with mobile devices and go beyond the borders regarding the features development and scalability.

Key Features
  • Job posting and sharing across job boards.
  • Setting up recruiting process
  • Assessment tools
  • Video Questionnaires.
  • Messaging
  • Calendars and Interviews
  • Intelligent search.
  • Jobseeker component
  • Video based Questionnaire & Endorsements.
Final Result

While dealing with startups, the end scope is not defined or, in some cases, 360 degrees redefined. The old resumes and ATS systems are not about this product. We tried to make a platform that is faster and more efficient in hiring decisions and, more importantly, that gives transparency to its users. Jobularity was built in order to change the lives of recruiters and hiring managers, make it easy to use on any device and anywhere.  During our ongoing collaboration on this project, while contributing and developing it, new challenges are coming in, and as a team, we’re happy to see how it evolves. Satisfaction comes from bringing an entirely innovative tool on the market which is being classified as a social hiring platform.

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