Digital Phoenix: Ahl Alkhaleej is ranked 2nd trending app on App Store
19 Jun 2017
19 Jun, 2017

Monday, June 19, 2017. Chisinau, Moldova. Digital Phoenix, a leading digital agency, proudly announces that the app Ahl Alkhaleej, that was developed by our team, has scored the 2nd place on the App Store, in the business category. 


The application is developed specifically for the Gulf countries. The objective of the platform is to let users discover short and long term deals that they can apply to, or, for companies, to actively participate in the process of employment. The platform is intended to be a simpler version of other recruitment applications or websites, letting potential workers discover new opportunities in the region and connect with others, while maintaining a simple design, super-fast search engine, and descriptive user profiles.


The Ahl Alkhaleej application is the next step in bringing mobile solutions to the potential employers. “We’re excited to see the rollout of Ahl Alkhaleej application and being ranked as No. 2 App in Business Category on AppStore. The app gives users abilities to easily interact and find the regional opportunities at the distance of one tap. We always aim to deliver innovative solutions to our clients and it brings us satisfaction when we see the real value of the developed products.” says Sorin Boistean, CEO of Digital Phoenix.


Digital Phoenix has worked closely with Ahl Alkhaleej to deliver this mobile application. It is available to all interested parties, both on Google Play Market and App Store


For further information, please contact Digital Phoenix.

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