How to Get More Web Traffic in 2017
06 Apr 2017
06 Apr, 2017

Marketing goals are set for 2017, and your team is working hard to achieve them. But what about one of the most important goals - getting more web traffic?


While it makes sense that getting more web traffic usually results in more conversions and sales, it's also worth mentioning that an increase in website visitors can even give a boost to your SEO— which means it will become easier for new clients to find you later on.


So what to do to drive more web traffic to your site? Here are three key tips to help you get going.


Blogging and SEO


Blogging and search engine optimization are well known digital marketing topics, and for a good reason - they are literally a foundation for success.


Without quality blogging, your website will suffer a drop in overall quality as well as SEO rankings, and you won't be even nearly effective with other methods. When you post high-quality blog content on your website, you set foundations that can build authority, increase leads and conversions, and improve your rankings on different search engines.


Additionally, blogging gives you a strong base for different marketing strategies that drive additional traffic to your site. With regularly curated blog content, the doors are open for all other audience-building methods.


Guest Posting


As a branch of blogging, guest posting has seen some ups and downs during the years. However, it's still a rather important method for producing backlinks to your site and consequently driving web traffic — if you're doing it right.


While there's a decent amount of websites that are open for guest blogging, these opportunities aren't always equal. Some sites have a small audience and low authority among the readers. Others may restrict your ability to link back to your blog posts. It's very important to research the site thoroughly and its editorial standards before sending your guest post.


Start by taking a look at the site's authority. The Moz Domain Authority algorithm is a good way to figure out if backlinks from a specific site will actually benefit your SEO or not. These rankings are likewise a decent method for finding out audience size — meaning the higher the domain authority, the more potential traffic you can get.


It's also crucial that the guest posting website allows you to link back to your webpage in the first place. Regardless of whether you're permitted to link to your blog content inside your article or can simply incorporate a link to your company in your byline, any do-follow link is valuable — particularly if industry influencers share your guest post. By using guest posting, you can increase your authority and reach a wider audience.




Quora is a one of a kind social media platform that enables you to share your knowledge and build authority in your area of expertise. Quora is basically a question-and-answer website where users can get more nuanced, personal answers to their question than they would get from Google.


On Quora, your most logical option for building authority and directing people to your site is straightforward - answer questions! What's more, not any questions — but rather the inquiries that have a lot of followers and are a part of your website niche.


Like on other social media, you shouldn't just post a link to your site. Ensure that you only share blog posts and other links in your answers when they are actually relevant to your response and provide real value to users who may read your reply —else, you could get yourself banned from Quora.


When you share quality, relevant content from your blog in your Quora responses, you'll be substantially more likely to get in touch with new audiences and drive more traffic to your site.




The popular saying "Content is king" become more relevant with each day, especially when it comes to attracting new traffic from the web. Providing value for the users can go a long way, and help you reach new audiences, improve site authority and increase conversion rate.


What are your ways of getting more web traffic? Share in the comments; we would love to hear from you.

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