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Ahl Alkhaleej

Digital Phoenix created a recruitment app that allows you to search and review profiles, manage your job postings, and save and add notes to candidate profiles. The candidates have the possibility to add their information, portfolio, skills and more to their profile.
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Client's Need

Our client needed a platform that would unite both the job seekers, as well as recruiters, specifically designed for the Arab World. The platform was intended to be a simpler version of other recruitment applications or websites and make it easier for recruiters to search the web for candidates and vice versa. The app offers a simple graphical interface which you can use to search the web for candidates or deals, meaning that you do not have to use complicated boolean search strings to perform that task anymore.

Our Process

The app allows you to review the qualified applicants for every job opening and respond to the most promising candidates including resumes, portfolios and the latest comments, and applicants have the opportunity to select from the list of deals they search. Both workers and recruiters have a medium where they can communicate and collaborate.

Key Features
  • Requirements posting
  • Attractive design
  • Create teams
  • Candidate profiles
  • Applicants dashboard
  • Messaging
Final Result

The result is an app that allows you to easily evaluate candidate profiles and communicate with any candidate directly from your mobile. It helps both recruiters and job seekers to manage their time more efficiently and never miss another great opportunity.

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