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Astreya Platform

Astreya platform is a flexible workflow definition tool that integrates with many other systems. It enables key departments to use tools specifically developed for their work, has a convenient view of the dashboard for key users, can be easily configured, and effectively tracks workflow.
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Client's Need

Every growing company needs to periodically look at what they are doing and how. The client had a number of internal systems none of which talked to each other. While these systems typically suit the needs of one part of the organization they are not configured to meet the needs of other parts. They needed a new platform that would connect all the other systems they had previously and that would work smoothly and be simple to use and understand.

Our Process

Rather than move firms onto one system as the larger ERP firms expect, we proposed building a flexible and adaptable platform that can bring key missing elements into play for smaller firms.  By integrating with numerous system and providing a flexible workflow definition tool we believe it possible to save the inefficiency many firms suffer from. Under our platform, the key departments continue to utilise tools developed specifically for their work while facilitating integration of systems, a configurable dashboard view for key users and flexibly configured and properly tracked workflow and escalation features.

Key Features
  • 3rd Party Integrations
  • Lead Management for determining high-quality leads
  • View statistics in a highly visual, engaging perspective using customized reports and dashboards 
  • Workflow and Approvals
  • Sales Performance Management
Final Result

The result is a flexible workflow definition tool that integrates with numerous other systems. It allows key departments to use the tools developed specifically for their work. From a process perspective there are numerous escalations and decisions that take place each week, and now, the platform allows its users to capture these escalations, put a path around them and track progress. This ensures that practices that evolved in an earlier period are still appropriate for where they are today and where they are heading tomorrow.

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