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MyCars iBeacons

iBeacons Cars is an innovative application that allows dealer-to-customer communication, which is easy to install and operate. The app works as a backend dashboard for car sellers and has interesting tools like adding triggers to specific items or viewing analytics of the orders and customer views which are collected through iBeacon devices and a mobile app.
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Client's Need

The old way of dealing with car sales and rentals is obsolete. Because of the complexity of this business, a lot of steps throughout the car dealership processes are kept in the dark. Digital Phoenix decided to create a prototype CRM for car dealers, that would allow them to better view the whole process of selling and renting cars.

Our Process

The web portal allows dealers to track leads and check up on statuses of customers throughout the selling and renting process. The latest orders list allows the user to monitor each sales rep’s events. Inside the portal, the user is also able to add triggers to a specific product, which allows a more subtle marketing strategy. By monitoring all of these statistics, the user is able to make sure all prospects are being serviced. We made the process for customers simpler as well, by introducing iBeacons. With the help of these little devices, the customer needs to simply approach the card and launch the app, which will automatically connect with the iBeacon and provide full information about the car, let the customer instantly book it or leave a review.

Key Features
  • Customer information database
  • Analytics
  • Ability to create product triggers
  • Customer reviews
  • Customer orders
Final Result

The result is a platform that helps users manage their leads better, by implementing a low-cost, customer relationship management and lead management tool specifically designed for independent car dealers. Using the iBeacon devices, the lead capturing became more efficient for the car dealers, as well as for the customers, helping them find out details about the cars and reviews easier.

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