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Sexual Education App

This is a concept for a mobile application on sexual and reproductive health and rights. The app is designed for different age groups, allowing them to gradually learn the information. We also introduced a gamification segment, making it more appealing to the youth!
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Client's Need

Prior to developing or proposing an approach, the problem needs to be analyzed in detail, as well as the background that causes it. The lack of basic sexual education knowledge, in a lot of countries, could prevent the risk of getting an STD or even an unwanted pregnancy. There is also a gap in many educational systems concerning the sexual education that should be provided starting from the early stages (4-5th grade) when children start to understand how “things” are working but are not aware of the potential risks stated above. 

Our Process

Digital Phoenix took an initiative and created the concept of the app. The application is designed to cover all the age categories, as well as maintain positive color tones, flat design and comprehensive and easy to use behavior. Based on our vast experience, keeping things simple and intuitive - proved to be most efficient. We took into consideration different devices and made sure that Call To Action (CTA) elements are easy tappable/actionable. Our team also included a gamification element, which will make the learning process interesting and be motivating for the user. 

Key Features
  • Gamified quizzes for different age category groups
  • Geo-Location for finding the closest Health Center
  • Total anonymity
  • Possibility to reach out to someone
  • Attractive design
Final Result

As a result, we created a great concept app for the youth, capable of teaching them everything they need to know about sexual health and reproduction. It is designed to make the user feel safe and also gives the user an incentive to follow all the quizzes, which, in return, helps them absorb more information. 

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