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The art of shopping made easy

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The concept

Digital Phoenix had a strong collaboration with Winapp Startup, based in United Arab Emirates to launch the revamped version of their app which brings possibility for shoppers to be notified about the deals and offers regionally based. Imagine you're passing by Dubai Mall, your phone sends you a push notification that reminds you about all active hot deals and discounts in that region. On the other side the Wainapp retailer platform allows to add stores to keep track of their products and create targeted marketing campaigns.

Design (UI/UX)

From UI/UX perspective the accent was set on the simplicity and usability, meaning that we targeted more on a functional and intuitive design where the presented information represents the key aspect.


Having user friendly tabels, expandable sections and flexible layouts allowed us to re-use a lot of UI elements and bring consistency into implemented user interfaces. 


Both mobile application and retailers platform were executed using the brand guidelines. The used fonts were selected in combination of being able to highlight specific areas which require more attention and usage of more thin shape fonts in order to accommodate more information where it was needed.


Special autocompletes and scrollable carousels made the behaviors more interactive and native mobile wise, which indeed simplifies lots of things and brings a "browse realtime" experience directly into the action.  A set of customized icons were developed which made the experience more unique and individual to the brand.